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The publication (limited edition) documenting S.O.R. Roker is available HERE

P I R A T A (trailer)

On Sunday 12th August 12-6pm Capitaine Spottee returns from the grave…

S.O.R. comes to Roker 2012 (short version):

S.O.R. comes to Roker 2012 (long version):

To get the secret code to the video, buy the publication documenting the adventures of S.O.R. Roker on

12th August 2012

What changes faster, you or the Netherworld?
Unlock the gates to inherit the crown of the long lost pirate kingdom.
Play the game!

An interactive adventure throughout the seafront at Roker, Sunderland. Mobile phones, QR codes, online social networks, films and fast reactions help your team solve puzzles and push you to ask your own questions.

S.O.R. Roker will revolve around the history of the area and sea life. A walking journey in which the players will get immersed in a pirates story. They will be given instructions, clues and allies along the way, and will have to complete tasks to get to the final goal, and to the secret hidden treasure…

S.O.R. is an interactive game that allows you to have fun in a team, using technology and creativity. It can also be adapted to take you on the non-speedy route which simply gives you freedom to explore public spaces in different ways or build your own personal narrative experience.

This is for anyone that is interested in discovering and exploring digital arts and new meanings of community and space.

Event commissioned by rednile as part of their Factory Nights programme and funded by Sunderland City Council.

S.O.R. ROKER Press releases

12 June 2012 – download the pdf here
12 July 2012 – download the pdf here
06 August 2012 – download the pdf here

The S.O.R. 

Yolanda de Los Bueis – Artist & Creator
Rednile – Producer
Sunderland City Council – Funders

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