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Or email us if you want to get involved / O mándanos un email si quieres participar: play*at*
We don’t recommend snail mail / No recomendamos correo caracol.


S.O.R. Tarragona collaborators and partners / S.O.R. Tarragona colaboradores:

Colaboración de la Sección de Patinaje del Club Gimnástic de Tarragona

Museo de Arte Moderno
Sala Trono
Sports Pamies
Port de Tarragona
Fundación Onada


 S.O.R. Roker collaborators and partners / S.O.R. Roker colaboradores:

Sunderland Uni Art Dept
Watch house museum – an amazing display of sea faring artifacts and historic photos
Smugglers Pub – a friendly venue with excellent live gigs and located about 50 steps from Spottees Cave
Factory nights
Marine Activities Centre

Around Roker / Alrededor de Roker
Sunderland National Glass Centre –  located 3 mins from Roker
Northern Gallery for contemporary Art – always put on high quality exhibitions
A group of talented local creatives


 S.O.R. London collaborators and partners / S.O.R. Londres colaboradores:

The Foundry – SOR Headquarters and Exhibition center. A bastion of the alternative art scene
The Sandpit – SOR pilot was part of the Sandpit program
Southbank Centre – SOR Sandpit pilot location
London Friday Night Skate – the skating crew


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