Yolanda de Los Bueis – Artist and Creator

Yolanda is a grapist: a professional artist and motion graphics designer.

Her latest work explores new forms of performance and audience interaction in the context of live events.

Her interest is in the capacity of new media to intrude into daily life and the potentiality of interactions between audience, author, mediator and artwork. She is also interested in the aesthetics of technology itself – the language of broken, fragmented, coded and glitched digital imagery.

With S.O.R. LONDON, Yolanda aims to confront the current critical socio-economic situation with a metaphor in the form of a game within an artistic structure and narrative.

“it all started with something about being fast or being creative, or both – in a critical situation. Then my grapisteurons started to shoot tentacles in all directions within my gramental map of EVERYTHING now and before and later, and things started to fall into place and connect… does it make any more sense now?”

S.O.R. ROKER will take you on a pirates seaside mission. No skates this time, but a live fiction and role play adventure. Based on the legend of Spottee the pirate.

Yolanda works in all aspects of the project which will either finally drive her totally insane or will make her dream come true: being Super-grapist.

Her video and installation work has been exhibited across the world including Madrid Abierto and Sala Rekalde in Spain, Zendai Museum of Modern Art in Shanghai, and the Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe (ZKM), Germany. She has screened in over 50 international video film festivals where she has won awards such as the International Digital effects Award at the Sydney Underground Film Festival.


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