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Established in 2004, rednile Projects is the collaborative practice of three artist/founders Suzanne Hutton, Michael Branthwaite and Janine Goldsworthy. rednile works from studios in West Midlands and North East England and devise and deliver art projects in the public realm. In 2008, rednile devised Factory Nights which is a programme of experimental and spontaneous creative sessions for groups of creative people held in interesting spaces or ‘hidden gems’ such as Masonic temples, Archaeological digs, old buildings, quirky businesses and interesting landscapes. Each Factory Night is totally different depending on the people who attend and the place we explore.  After each Factory Night, attendees can apply to the Unique Opportunities fund for bursaries to make new work in response to the night and we have found that Factory Nights is a better and more dynamic way to commission art and inspire collaboration.

Speed of Reaction@Roker was commission just in this way. See this link to see what went on at the original Factory Night in Spottee’s Cave.….

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