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Playing the game is not the only way to experience speed of reaction.

S.O.R – speed of reaction, the exhibition, took place 6 – 10 April 2010 at The Foundry 84 – 86 Great Eastern St, London EC2A 3JL.

If you’re not a skater but you are a big fan of arts, games, technology and QR codes this was for you. You had the chance to find out more about the S.O.R stations, watch the videos, break the codes and take on the challenge of resolving the tasks the event players experienced. You might even have pieced together the background of the S.O.R. story.

Playing the game just one more time

speed of reaction - exhibition

The S.O.R. speed of reaction exhibition opened the 6th April 2010 at the Foundry.
All sorts of people came by, from the skaters who played the game on Saturday 27th to art lovers and QR codes enthusiasts.
They had the opportunity to try out a smaller version of the game by capturing the codes all around the building.

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