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S.O.R. LONDON 27 March 2010 

What changes faster: you or the city? Play the game!
An interactive adventure throughout the streets of London.
Mobile phones, QR codes, roller skates, films and fast reactions help your team solve puzzles and push you to ask your own questions.

Speed of reaction is an interaction and performance project in the form of a game, a metaphor for a period of crisis like the one we are now living.

The main event was on 27 March 2010 at the Foundry, in East London. Urban roller skaters took to the streets in search of iconographic clues to proceed in the game, relying only on mobile phones and QR codes to navigate, interpret record and communicate.

The skaters were not mere players but co-creators of the art project. They generated the interactive content by giving creative responses to given tasks in the game, using their mobile phones.

Everybody was invited to experience speed of reaction as the content produced and the challenges posed during the game became part of the speed of reaction exhibition, also happening at the Foundry in April 2010.

S.O.R. LONDON Press releases

22 Jan 2010 – download the pdf here
05 Feb 2010 – download the pdf here
19 Feb 2010 – download the pdf here
15 Mar 2010 – download the pdf here

The S.O.R. LONDON Team

Yolanda de Los Bueis – Artist & Creator
Olivia Bellas – Producer
Karen Rodrigues – Marketing & Production
Kaisa Viljarand – Research & Production
Dthe Postman – The Postman

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