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to piece this puzzle together you’ll need a QR code reader

It’s difficult to make fish out of fish soup. The city can crumble into atoms and then re-code itself within seconds. People are lego toys, not the city!
Mark Allen (Property Regeneration Consultant, Shoreditch)

Whilst capital is international, rules are local. We’re facing an unhealthy moment in history where the city is an ever changing puzzle with unknown rules.
Joana Siegenberg (Pensioner, Whitechapel)

Economists have judged risk based on probabilities. The city is not mathematical, it’s a living organ that has (credit) crunched all of us.
Robert Pullman (Hedge Fund Mgr, Moorgate)

If I roll over surfaces I don’t understand, I might be faster than the city or I might fail. I might beat the curves, the spears and the voids. I take the risk.
Sorboots (Inline Skater, Homerton)

The same signs that tell us to fear, also tell us not to be afraid. Everything is possible if the soul is not small.
Dthe Postman (link to Dthe Postman in FB)

Information! Information Explosion!

information explosion

Are we missing anything? Is everything here?

If you are curious about the game or can’t wait for the exhibition, you can find out all about S.O.R – speed of reaction right here on the newly functioning tabs of the website.

Where to be, when to go and who the nuts behind all this are.

Don’t forget the taster at Sandpit, Southbank on Feb 22nd!

Foundry welcomes speed of reaction

The Foundry

It couldn’t be anywhere else.

The Foundry has been the centre of London’s alternative art scene for over a decade – www.foundry.tv

But is this east London iconic gallery soon being shifted out to make way for a hotel and retail complex? – http://www.guardian.co.uk/artanddesign/2010/feb/03/foundry-gallery-set-to-close

S.O.R – speed of reaction – the game – is happening at the Foundry on 27 March 2010. If you are a competent skater and you want to play the game, get in touch with Dthe Postman on postman*at*speedofreaction*dot*com.

Or, you might be a big fan of games, technology and QR codes so why not experience S.O.R – speed of reaction – the exhibition – taking place at the Foundry from 6 April 2010.

Safety first boys and girls!

speed of reaction - safety first!
If you’re reading this and you’re a competent skater, you know it all already. The S.O.R. Team sometimes get nervy though, they’re always on edge. For some reason.

So if you’re thinking of taking part in the game – here are some ‘must know’s’:
– You need to be a competent street skater
– You must be able to control your speed on downhills, stop at short notice, turn safely and go up and down curbs
– You must be confident skating near other people on the road, with traffic and unmarshalled
– If you’ve never done a street skate before, this is not the best one to start with

The formal bit: ‘You skate at your own risk!’
It will be fun but responsibility for your safety rests entirely with you.

A few Do’s and Don’ts (yeah yeah…):
– Keep left! and don’t skate in oncoming traffic
– Don’t skate on the pavement. In some parts of town it’s illegal
– Don’t cause trouble with the traffic
– Don’t touch or hang onto vehicles. It’s illegal, and drivers get extremely angry about it

You will need:
– A clear head: Alcohol is a no-no: it affects your judgement and dehydrates you more quickly. It also creates a bad impression of the skate in the eyes of bystanders, other road users, and the police.

Be safe. Our friends at the LFNS recommend bringing these items with you: http://www.lfns.co.uk/about-the-lfns/what-to-bring/

Still interested and want to play? Get in touch: postman*at*speedofreaction*dot*com