Everyone is asking the same question: who is Dthe Postman?

Dthe Postman

speed of reaction’s had a few words with the man himself – here’s a snippet. Or ask him your own questions on facebook.

SOR: What’s your real name?
Dthe: I’d rather not disclose that kind of information. You can call me D for now. I’m laying low at the moment for security reasons. I hope to be wrong on this, but I suspect a conspiracy going on from certain industry sectors that may affect all of us. Keep your eyes and ears open.

SOR: Where can we find you?
Dthe: My daily postman round is East London from 9am to 1pm. Say hi if you see me, I might have a special delivery for you. I’m also on Facebook and Twitter. Always happy to make new friends!

SOR: What is speed of reaction and how are you involved?
Dthe: The details can’t be revealed fully – as I mentioned, I think some people are on to me so I’m keeping quiet. That’s all I’m prepared to say. I’m a skater myself so whatever I can do to help the people on wheels, I will.

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